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Star Crossed Lovers by Katie Boroian

The sun sets everyday and the moon appears. She waits patiently all night, and he rises in the morning. They see a glimpse of each other, but it is forbidden. They’re on opposite ends of the sky. They both want to be together, but can’t have what they desire. If they were together, the earth wouldn’t be in balance. This piece is to teach us all that sometimes two people can want each other, care for each other, and love each other hard enough, but it’s not the universe’s plan at the moment. But one day, when all is out of the way, they’ll reach each other from across the sky. They just have to be patient. Trust your path.
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    Hi! My name is Katie, I'm a senior in high school. Art has been my passion for a very long time, and I personally love it because it allows me to express my feelings, dreams, and fears without words. I have been inspired by art since I was a young 7 year old girl taking art classes a few towns over, and the passion has never left me. I personalize much of my clothing and footwear by using the clothing as my canvas and I find it is a great way to express who I am through my accessories.