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  • rio de truchas by Natalia Sanchez

    linoleum cut hand carved on wood, printed with block printing ink.
    • Product Dimensions

      4"x 6"
    • Natalia Sanchez's Biography

      Currently a sophomore majoring in visual arts attending A.W Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, FL. Making money as an artist in high school has been a struggle for me because the majority of my time is spent creating pieces for my AP art portfolio; in order to attend an art university to for fill my dream of being an artist. The focus of my work is a personal landscape exploration of my Mexican heritage and culture. Through the use of natural homemade dyes contrived from native plants and insects to Oaxaca, Mexico. My art grew into depiction of my personal experiences that were valuable to me growing up as a Mexican-American artist, despite being seemingly ordinary.