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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

Pricing is decided by the artist themselves.


Am I allowed to sell prints?



How do I upload my art?

To upload art, take a photo of the piece itself or get it scanned (the higher the quality the higher chance your work sells) and convert it into one of our compatible files, (i.e JPG, PNG, ect.) After, write a bio about yourself and your art. Make it personable!


How much of the profit will I be making?

The artist takes 80% of the sale price. Additionally, shipping is covered by the buyer


How is the delivery and shipping handled?

The artists are sent a prepaid shipping label paid by the buyer. The artist then needs to carefully wrap their artwork (exact instructions are sent to the artist after their piece is purchased) and sent through USPS to the buyer.


Is my selling price including the cost of shipping?

No, selling price does not include shipping.


Does my artwork need to be reviewed by the HSA team ?

All art will be reviewed by the High School Artists team to ensure art gets uploaded rather than other items.


How do I receive my payments?

Payments will be sent to credit card or direct deposit to bank account.


How will I be notified when one of my pieces sell?

A notification will pop up in your HSA account and you will be sent an email.


How can I maximize my sales on HSA?

Selling high quality artwork at an affordable price


Can I sell 3D pieces such as sculptures, pottery, clothing, shoes, or jewelry?